Escape room business plan template

Mystery Room/Escape Room Business Plan

Enter the new and growing Mystery Room market. A mystery room business is where you “lock” your guests/customers in a room with various puzzles to solve. Only upon solving all the puzzles will the occupants of the room have the solution to “escape” the room. Mystery rooms are great for date nights, team building, family bonding and corporate events.

Website Design and Development

Website Design and SEO Company Business Plan

Website design is a growing industry as more and more traditional businesses see the potential for online presence and sales. Our business plan template will help provide the foundation needed to build a business plan for personal or investor use.

Salon business plan template cover

Hair Salon Business Plan Template

If you like to make people feel their best and have strong determination and organizational skills as well as customer service then the salon business may be a great fit for you. Salons are one of those timeless businesses that there always has been a demand for. From the young to the old, everyone always wants to be pampered and look their best and hence why salons are such a popular choice for those interested in entrepreneurship.

bakery business plan

Bakery Business Plan Template

The smell of freshly baked bread in the morning is something many of us love. Share your passion of baking and seeing the joy in your customer’s eyes as they eat your baked goods. Our bakery business plan template is investor friendly and a great first step for your new venture.

Photography business plan template

Photography Studio Business Plan

Everyday millions of individuals seek photographers for their special events, be a part of their special moments and capture it for them.

Coffee shop business plan template

Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

Most every neighborhood wants a coffee shop. Coffee shops bring an atmosphere to a location that few other businesses can match. The coffee business is very lucrative with the right location. Use our business plan template as a foundation to develop your dream coffee shop.

Yoga Studio business plan

Yoga Studio Business Plan

Everyday stress with our digital lifestyles can ruin the physical and mental health of even the best of us. Yoga studios bring calm in a chaotic world. Share your love of Yoga, our Yoga business plan template is great for personal use and investor friendly.

Restaurant Business Plan

No matter how much technology progresses there will always be a need for good restaurants. If you enjoy food as well as interacting with people who also love food then a resturant is a perfect fit for you. Our Restaurant template is investor friendly and a great first step for your new venture.

Catering Business Plan template

Catering Business Plan Template

Everyone loves good food and even more so if it is brought to them. Catering is a great business because it does not require the overhead of a full resturant. Many types of events need catering services from weddings to birthdays so there will always be a need for a good catering service.

Maid Business plan

Commercial and Residential Cleaning/Maid Service Business Plan Template

As more and more individuals are living busier lives from going to the gym to taking care of children as well as the need for commercial cleaning services there is a growing need in the industry. With low overhead it is a great first business for those interested in entrepreneurship.

Home health care business plan

Home Health Care/Elderly Care Business Plan

Baby Boomers are retiring at a fast rate. As one of the largest generations of our time the need for practical and efficient home health care services are growing. Use our template as the foundation to build your dream home health care business.

Car Wash Business Plan Template (physical location)

There has always been the need for mobile auto detail and car wash services and as cars get more and more expensive and people keeping their vehicles for longer the market is growing. Use our auto detail business plan template as a foundation for your dream venture.

Real estate house flipping

Real Estate House Flipping Business Plan

Real Estate has always been a lucrative market for those who see the hidden gems and are able to turn a run down home or unit into something to be proud of. Our business plan template provides you the foundation to lay out your plan for your house flipping business.