bakery business plan

Bakery Business Plan Template

When you launch a bakery and share your confections with your clientele, your dedication to mixing and whisking will result in customers who crave the delicious treats you dream up. You’re already passionate about your sweets and pastries—turning your hobby into a profitable business model is just icing on the cake.

Online Fashion Boutique

Online Fashion Boutique Business Plan Template

Now is the perfect time to make your mark in the digital marketplace by opening your own online clothing store. With just a few clicks, tech-savvy shoppers from around the world will be flocking to your site to find their favorite fashions.

Microbrewery Business Plan

Microbrewery Business Plan Template

Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall … who says one can’t be yours? Starting a microbrewery gives you the opportunity to tap into a growing industry. Creativity meets chemistry in this field full of alluring ales, luscious lagers, and surprising stouts. With so many opportunities to make this business endeavor your own, you’d better “hops” onboard while the market is hot.

Hair Salon business plan

Hair Salon Business Plan Template

Owning a hair salon is so much more than pomades and perms. If you’re bursting with beauty knowledge, this business opportunity is the perfect way to share your hair expertise. So don’t get tangled up in too many details! With a commitment to quality service, the right marketing, and a well-researched business plan, your salon is sure to be a cut above the rest.

Flower shop business plan template

Flower Shop Business Plan Template

Roses are red, violets are blue, flower shops turn profits, and soon you can, too! Starting a floral business is more than just buds and blossoms—it has the potential to become a steady source of income. So what in “carnation” are you waiting for? With a little flower power, soon your sales will be in full bloom.

Vending Machine Business Plan

Vending Machine Business Plan Template

Vending machines have been a stable around tourist areas, hospitals, hotels, malls, government buildings and more for years. This industry is a mainstay with machines becoming more and more appealing to both the owner and consumer.

Self Storage Business Plan

Self Storage Business Plan Template

People are buying more and more things especially online and with more things comes the demand for more space required. Self-storage is a good business if you care about security, people, and cleanliness.

Gym Business Plan

Fitness Gym Business Plan Template

The fitness industry has been growing for the past few years with more and more individuals wanting to be healthy and look good. A gym is great for someone who loves fitness and cares about others.

fashion boutique business plan

Retail Fashion Store Business Plan Template (Physical Location)

If you love fashion and love to help others with their fashion then a fashion boutique is a great business for you.

Car Wash Business Plan

Car Wash Business Plan Template (Physical Location)

Everyone loves a clean car and as the car industry grows so does the need for professional car washes. We recently saw a boom in the auto detail industry and now car washes with more high-tech solutions are on the rise.

Auto Body Repair Business Plan

Auto Body Repair Business Plan Template

Every day in your city people are getting into accidents, either with each other or something like a pole or even a wall. Since people are keeping their cars for longer the need for auto body repair is growing.

Landscaping Business Plan

Landscaping Business Plan Template

People are taking more care of their homes to increase their property value. Landscaping has been on the rise due to popular television shows and home makeovers. This is a great business if you are creative and not scared of hard work.

Used Car Dealer business plan

Used Car Dealer Business Plan Template

Transportation is always needed and not everyone can always afford a new car. The need for used cars is growing as people are not buying as many new cars. This is a great industry for someone to get into that has ambition and loves cars.

security guard company

Security Guard Company Business Plan Template

The security industry is growing with more and more demand at public venues, private locations, and even personal homes. Everyone wants to be safe and the security industry is growing due to this.

solar company business plan

Solar Company Business Plan Template

With renewable energy being a pushed by the government and consumer base a solar energy company is a good industry to get into now.