Hello! My name is Shawn Chun and I am the founder of black box business plans. My team and I would like to personally Thank You for your interest in our business plan templates.

I have made it my personal goal to provide you with the practical information to best assist you in your pursuit of your new venture.

Over the years I have had great success in a variety of small to medium business endeavors, from a postal contract station to an espresso bar, a website review business, and an international import-export distribution business. All of which were successful in their own right, and each of which I had to develop my own personal business plans for.

While I have had first hand small to medium sized business success my team is also composed of those with experience in corporate planning and financial modeling at large business planning firms and corporations.

All of our templates we offer are in editable Microsoft Word format and are best to be used as a foundation/outline for your plan. By incorporating your local market research as well as your company makeup and goals you are able to create a plan that truly reflects your venture and that best reflects your passion. Our templates can be used for personal use or for investors.

Due to demand we also offer financial templates in Excel as well as PowerPoint Pitch Deck Templates (slide shows) for you to have a complete package to offer to investors.

Please keep in mind that I offer business plan Templates and not “turn key” business plans. The templates should be used as a general outline/basis to create your own plan upon.

It is my goal to give back and help others in need like I was. Helping to change peoples lives one small business at a time. Thank you again for your interest in our business plan templates and on behalf of my team and I we wish you much success in your new venture. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.

Thank You,

Shawn Chun & The Black Box Business Plans Team

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