Basics of Starting a Food Truck

Some people may still imagine large ugly gray trucks handing out greasy food with empty calories upon hearing the word “Food Truck” but that is the furthest thing from the truth. Food Trucks today are as fancy as they can get. Popular chefs, successful restaurateurs, and quirky foodies are all getting in on the act. They have even become the most sought put food eateries in some of the major cities. If you’re looking to establish a little business of your own but you’re through with the office or storefront route, try considering starting a food truck. It may be a fun business but still, it’s no easy task either. But at the same time, the rewards you gain are great. If you’re into the idea of starting your own Food Truck, follow this ten-step plan towards success. Food Truck Business Plan Template.

Food Truck business plan template

Food Truck business plan template

Step 1: Get Legal

The business world is never too easy a path to take; it’s not like you can just buy and setup a food truck wherever you like. You have to get all sorts of licenses like health department certificates, truck permits along with parking restrictions. Each city obviously has their own policies so contact the local government. But once you’ve figured out how to acquire all the permits and licenses your sail will be much smoother.

Step 2: A Food Cart or a Food Truck?

If you’re starting off with a tight budget then consider getting a food cart first. It’ll cost you around $2000 while a food truck will cost you around $100,000. Before opting a cart or truck go through your business plan once more, plan the things that you will be needing in order to run your business.

Step 3: Determine Your Niche

Food Trucks these days serve proper gourmet cuisine and delicacies from around the word instead of tacos and sandwiches. Always find out your own niche and be the top expert at that. Try offering something different than what all the others are offering in your area.

Step 4: Get Financing

After getting to know your expenses design a finance plan. Determine how much down payment is affordable and how much interest you’ll have over the course of any loans you have taken.

Step 5: Devise a Business Plan

Just like any other business, you too will need to devise a business plan. We, at can give you help with that. We offer business plan templates to any business owner accordingly. Planning a business plan otherwise is too tough and too much of a hassle.

Step 6: Insurance is The Key

Since your business, unlike other business, is on wheels, it is imperative that you get insured. Hire an agent. Standard car insurance is a must and other than that your agent will inform you of any other considerations regarding the purpose of your truck.

Food Truck business plan template

Food Truck business plan template

Step 7: Where to Park?

Owning a food truck (being really large) you will face some parking issues. Consider all the restrictions that may be possible in the area. Try renting a private parking space, this way your truck will be safe as well as legal.

Step 8: Get Connected

Having connections in the business world is a big plus, if you don’t, then cultivate those connections. Other than just setting up your truck in crowded places, many vendors are hired to cater special events and corporate functions as well. Keep good connections with event planners and such.

Step 9: Get Social

Utilize social media to get in touch with your customers and generate a buzz. Keep your followers informed of your location through social media forums such as Twitter and Facebook etc. Interact with your followers and listen to their advice too.

Step 10: Expand Your Horizons

Once you’ve got yourself a popular name in the foodie world, consider merchandising. You can sell promotional items online as well as in person. Once you’ve gained enough recognition you can even reach out to local grocers and coffee shops to sell your food in their shops.

To get started with your food truck use this business plan template to get organized: Black Box Business Plans Food Truck.

Published by Shawn C