Real estate house flipping business plan

Real Estate House Flipping Business Plan Template

You’ve seen the shows on TV and have heard about real estate house flipping seminars, and you’ve wondered if you could do that too. If you’re a dazzling designer looking to flex your creative muscles, there’s no shortage of homes that are diamonds in the rough.

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Home Care business plan

Home Health Care Business Plan Template

You live to lend a helping hand and feel called to care for others. So, why not incorporate these characteristics into a career? Starting a non-medical home health agency combines your business and humanitarian interests while championing a worthy cause.

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catering business plan template

Food Catering Business Plan Template

From graduation parties to awards galas, fine food elevates every event to the next level. When you open your own catering business, you become the master of the menu. So don’t delay—your talent for making tantalizingly tasty treats will ensure that customers consistently come back hungry for more.

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Bed and breakfast business plan template

Bed and Breakfast Business Plan Template

Whether you’re whipping up some eggs or turning down the bed, you seek to make each guest’s stay superb. With a successful bed and breakfast business model and your aptitude for accommodating others, you’ll be welcoming a world of new faces through your door in no time.

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Online Fashion Boutique

Online Fashion Boutique Business Plan Template

Now is the perfect time to make your mark in the digital marketplace by opening your own online clothing store. With just a few clicks, tech-savvy shoppers from around the world will be flocking to your site to find their favorite fashions.

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Hair Salon business plan

Hair Salon Business Plan Template

Owning a hair salon is so much more than pomades and perms. If you’re bursting with beauty knowledge, this business opportunity is the perfect way to share your hair expertise. So don’t get tangled up in too many details! With a commitment to quality service, the right marketing, and a well-researched business plan, your salon is sure to be a cut above the rest.

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Flower shop business plan template

Flower Shop Business Plan Template

Roses are red, violets are blue, flower shops turn profits, and soon you can, too! Starting a floral business is more than just buds and blossoms—it has the potential to become a steady source of income. So what in “carnation” are you waiting for? With a little flower power, soon your sales will be in full bloom.

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Self Storage Business Plan

Self Storage Business Plan Template

People are buying more and more things especially online and with more things comes the demand for more space required. Self-storage is a good business if you care about security, people, and cleanliness.

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Gym Business Plan

Fitness Gym Business Plan Template

The fitness industry has been growing for the past few years with more and more individuals wanting to be healthy and look good. A gym is great for someone who loves fitness and cares about others.

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Car Wash Business Plan

Car Wash Business Plan Template (Physical Location)

Everyone loves a clean car and as the car industry grows so does the need for professional car washes. We recently saw a boom in the auto detail industry and now car washes with more high-tech solutions are on the rise.

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