Commercial and Residential Cleaning/Maid Service Business Plan Template

Commercial and Residential Cleaning/Maid Service Business Plan Template

“Here’s the ‘Perfect Solution’ to getting your commercial and residential cleaning service funded quickly…even if you don’t have a clue on how to write a business plan and don’t have the budget to pay a professional to do it!”

Did you know that a well-written and researched business plan is the key to getting funding for your cleaning and maid business?

But most entrepreneurs neglect this aspect of their startup.

That’s usually because they are not knowledgeable enough to write a business plan on their own.

Or do not have the budget to pay a professional business plan writer.

If you have ever wanted to start a commercial or residential cleaning business and you need to write a business plan to get funding then our Hybrid DIY Business Plan Template is for you.

Our Hybrid Business Plan Template is a high quality thoroughly researched commercial and residential cleaning business plan template that has examples for you to insert your own market and business specifics into.

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Commercial and Residential Cleaning Business Plan Template

Use your completed business plan to:

Seek funding from banks or investors
Be more confident about your cleaning business
Plan ahead for any future issues that may arise
Express your cleaning business better
Be prepared when meeting a future potential investor

This commercial and residential cleaning business plan template includes the following sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • The Enterprise
  • The Business Concept and Need
  • Industry/Market Overview
  • Growth Strategy and Implementation Summary
  • Management Plan
  • Risk Factors
  • Financial projections
  • Use of Proceeds
  • References

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cleaning business plan

Why You Should Start a Cleaning/Janitorial Business

It’s time to dig up your feather duster and haul out your heavy-duty vacuum. If you’re a cleaning machine, you can use your motivation to make some extra money. Starting a janitorial business is a great investment for those looking to cash in on their desire for cleanliness.

Is starting a cleaning business a good investment?

A commercial cleaning service can be profitable, flexible, and easy to manage. A lot of people who are in this industry are becoming very successful through hard work, commitment, and having a great staff of employees.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider starting a janitorial business:

  • It has a stable market. Businesses want to uphold a professional and hygienic environment, so they constantly need their offices cleaned, even in unpredictable economic conditions.
  • There is a simple product offering. All types of businesses require a predictable suite of constant across-the-board services like emptying trash, cleaning toilets and bathrooms, mopping, and sweeping.
  • There is repeat business. Commercial janitorial services are continuous. This means that organizations reliably require the same services, which translate to consistent business and a stable income.
  • If you choose to hire people, your employees don’t require formal education or training, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive recruiting and professional development.
  • There is low overhead. Other than cleaning supplies and other necessities, a person interested in this industry does not have to spend a lot of money when buying equipment.

The state of the cleaning industry

In 2015, the cleaning industry revenue in the United States for about 875,000 companies was $51 billion, according to Quora, a business website. From these figures, you can have an idea of the mean income of a cleaning business. For example, an average cleaning company can expect to make around $60 for new clients and $130 for returning customers per day.

Our sample janitorial business plan documents will help you write an effective marketing plan, attract investors, and more. Read about how to start your own commercial cleaning business on our blog.

Janitorial business plan template

This cleaning business plan template will be delivered via digital download in fully editable Microsoft Word and includes commercial and residential cleaning pre-written example text, general industry research, general financials, example graphs and charts, references and narrative already completed for you.

Edit this business plan example for your local market and unique business qualities and you will end up with a far more distinctive and superior business plan at the fraction of the cost of a professional plan.

Red instructional text above each section is included to let you know what to insert in that section. In some areas, you can just add your information, in others you will need to use the example text as a basis to write your own business specifics. What sets you apart, your local market, your business team etc.

Example graphs and charts are also included for you to use as an example of what to insert in those areas for your market and location specifics.

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This is a great D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself) realistic alternative to paying a high priced business plans writer.

Add these extras as needed:

  • Cleaning Financial Template in Microsoft Excel (recommended) to calculate your finances. This excel template will allow you to enter financial data specific to your business and will produce proforma financial statements for use in your business plan. The worksheets (Set-up, Start-up, Sales, Headcount, Inventory, Operating Expenses, Capital Budget, Equity & Debt, and Amortization Schedule) contain instructions, questions for you to answer, and boxes (cells) for data entry. Cells in which you are to answer questions or enter data are yellow. Purple cells contain formulas that will be calculated automatically.

cleaning business plan 

  • Cleaning Funding Package includes a Microsoft PowerPoint transition slideshow template “Pitch Deck” to show lenders and investors your concept at a glance. It includes 12 slide cleaning images with instructional text for you to insert your specific business information into. This funding package also includes 51 raising capital documents covering topics such as Loans and Borrowing Documents, Investment Analysis Summary, Bank Loan Request Sheet, Loan Application Review Form, Loan Calculator, Pledge of Shares of Stock and more to help you with the paperwork prior to seeking funding.

maid business planJanitorial business plan

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This is NOT a “turn-key” fill in the blanks plan. You will need to put in work to make it effective for your needs. Use this commercial and residential business plan template as a foundation/base to write your own plan upon.

This business plan template has been researched and custom written for the cleaning industry and has never been published to the public.

I am honest about what I am offering. No Gimmicks and No Promising that it will be Easy. You will receive a 35+ page cleaning editable business plan template in Microsoft Word for you to edit for your needs. If you are willing to put in the work to edit this plan you will end up with something far more unique and effective.

The best part about of our business plan template is that the TIME-CONSUMING parts are DONE for YOU.

Our Hybrid Fusion Business Plan Template saves you time as most portions are already completed for you to edit or to use as examples such as the narrative, industry research, formatting and general financials.

Janitorial business plan

But I don’t want to sell you on EASY.

I want to make sure you obtain a well-researched industry-specific business plan template that you are able to build a realistic and truly investor-friendly business plan upon.

With our business plan template you will need to put in work but in the end, you will have something extensive, unique as well as researched to set you apart from the competition when applying for funding.

Do-it-yourself and not only save, but learn more about your business as well.

Here are what just some of our customers are saying:

cleaning business plan template

If interested we do offer fully customized business plans starting at $1,850 feel free to message us regarding these fully custom written plans.


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cleaning business plan template

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Disclaimers (Please read prior to purchase)

-This is an editable example business plan template, which is in between a business plan template and sample. This is NOT a complete Turn-key business plan. Modify and use this Hybrid business plan template as a foundation to create your own plan. See sample pages to see exactly what you will be receiving.

-We are unable to make any changes to this plan or excel sheet or pitch deck or documents for you.

-By purchasing these documents you agree not to resell, copyright or post them online.

-Digital Download for Microsoft Office XP 10.0 in Windows XP and higher versions.

-Will also open in Microsoft Office for Mac, however, some formatting issues may be present and will need to be corrected. For this reason we unable to guarantee 100% direct compatibility with Microsoft Office for Mac.

-This is a large Microsoft Word file. Please keep in mind that we are not responsible if your computer processor is unable to render them quickly. We have tested these files on multiple MACs and PCs and they render fine on our end. However, we are unable to account or guarantee how the files will perform on your end due to various extensions and operating system performance. Although rare, if you are having rendering issues you may need to attempt to open and work on the Microsoft Word files on an alternative, newer or faster computer.

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