Master Business Plan System

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Imagine having a master business plan that you can rinse and repeat for all business startups regardless of what industry you are in.

Do you have a unique business and are looking for a realistic professional looking solution on a budget?

We have put together a comprehensive master business plan system that will increase your chances of success in obtaining funding for whatever venture you choose to pursue!

Everything you need is included in crafting the perfect plan your that investors will love!

Our master business plan system covers all the various businesses you can conceive with step-by-step instructions for each section and real world examples for industries ranging from product based, service based. food service based, technology/online based and much more.

We will make it easy for you too!

This arsenal of templates along with a detailed breakdown of each section would already be a tremendous value. However we will also include a guided step-by-step video going over each section for each type of industry in this system as well. Helping you understand what should be included in each section of your plan and why. So if you are a visual learner or audio learner or both! These templates will make the process of creating your business plan easy for you.

  • Save Time by having prewritten master business templates for major industries with instructions at your fingertips.
  • Save Money by doing it your self and saving the cost of a “professional”
  • Stress Less by using the in-document guides as well as a video tutorial to walk you through each section.

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Why Choose Us?

There is no other master business plan system out there that is as comprehensive with various major industries or as detailed with step-by-step videos for each section to help you craft your dream business.

Universal business plan template

Universal business plan template

Here is what is included:

  • Our Master Business Plan Template in Microsoft Word that will walk you through the core key aspects of creating a realistic business plan, it incorporates numerous questions that you should consider before starting your research. The value of this plan lies in the process of planning and systematically thinking of the future of your business. Helping you consider the facts behind each assumption. Once completed this Master Business Plan Template will help you formulate a plan that you can then apply to one of our included sample plans.

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  • 6 sample business templates in Microsoft Word each 35+ pages long for key core industries with step-by-step headings each covering key business sectors with real world examples for a:

Retail Product Business

Service Business

Food Service Business

Online Business

Online Development Business

and much more!


  • Videos in MP4 with a section-by-section tutorial on each section of each sample plan.
  • Financial worksheets in Microsoft Excel with step-by-step instructions to walk you through the finances.

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Over 200 pages of content for various industries to use for your current or future ventures. All documents delivered in Microsoft Office, Word and Excel programs that will make it easy to edit and customize for your venture.

Best Business Plan Template

Best Business Plan Template

See what our customers are saying.

“The plan had some great points that were very beneficial and important to my business. I hope other clients are able to see the value you are able to provide in their business plans, just like myself. I would highly recommend you to other prospective entrepreneurs. It’s been a pleasure and I look forward to execute my business plan.”


Kristina Khau/Pho Kingdom

“Black Box Business Plans has given me the tools and inspiration to pursue my business venture. Not only was the template helpful in helping me form my business idea it really explain how it would benefit my company.”

Mikio VanDrunen/Young Peoples Consulting

“Black Box has been a tremendous help to me and my business ventures. His templates were extremely helpful to me with regards to moving my business from the conceptual phase to something that could be successfully implemented.   Furthermore, his business plan example and associated materials allowed me to organize and structure my venture according to how I wanted to run and grow my business. I also found the process much easier with the materials (as opposed to doing everything on my own), since they provided a solid blueprint for my business.   I would recommend Shawn and his team to other entrepreneurs and business owners without hesitation. They have been great to work with!”

Kevin Cisney

Creating a business plan can be hard and intimidating without the right tools.

We would hate to see you lose your chances of funding because you did not have the right tools in place.

Invest just $39.00 today, create your plan and be prepared when you are sitting across from your investor asking for $10,000 or $100,000 or more!

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-This is a Hybrid business plan template, which is in between a business plan template and sample. This is NOT a complete Turn-key business plan. Modify and use this Hybrid business plan template as a foundation to create your own plan.

-We are unable to make any changes to this plan or excel sheet or pitch deck or documents for you.

-By purchasing these documents you agree not to resell, copyright or post them online.

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-Will open in Microsoft Office for Mac, however, some formatting issues may be present and will need to be corrected. For this reason we unable to guarantee 100% direct compatibility with Microsoft Office for Mac.

-This is a large Microsoft Word file. Please keep in mind that we are not responsible if your computer processor is unable to render them quickly. We have tested these files on multiple MACs and PCs and they render fine on our end. However, we are unable to account or guarantee how the files will perform on your end due to various extensions and operating system performance. Although rare, if you are having rendering issues you may need to attempt to open and work on the Microsoft Word files on an alternative, newer or faster computer.

  • Digital Download for Microsoft Office XP 10.0 in Windows XP and higher versions.
  • Will open in Microsoft Office for Mac however some formatting issues may be present and will need to be corrected.