Why free is not always free when it comes to your business plan template.

If you have started looking for a business plan template for your industry I am sure you have come across those “free” business plans for you to copy or use. I am sure you have been temped to copy and paste it into Microsoft word and try to edit it yourself. Let me tell you this, yes you can do that. However ask yourself the following. How up to date is the information you are receiving, is the content written in a way to persuade your investor or is it generic text, was it written for a specific market, are there any copyrights on the material and most importantly, would you trust the future and chances of funding your venture to something free?

We have talked to lenders and investors to see what they really think when they view a business plan and the majority of them mention that they know when they receive a plan that was copy and pasted because the “wording is just not right”. The flow of a business plan document as well as how current the information contained in it reflects on the person submitting the plan. You can have the best idea for your venture and pitch it to them perfectly, however when you leave and they review your plan what will that really say about you? Experienced lenders and venture capitalists see on average 3 to 12 business plans a day and know what is written for what you are seeking and what is just put together with outdated formatting, finances and research. Sure you may get that plan for free on some random website online, however free is not really free if it costs you your funding. Would you leave the future of your business to something free with no accountability?

Our Business Plan Templates are written for your specific market, up to date with the most current research available, references included as well as current financials. Don’t leave the future of your venture to something free just to save some money. Start your business off the right way with our comprehensive business plan templates.