How to Start a Cleaning Maid Janitorial Business

A cleaning business is probably one of the best low-cost business ideas out there. The time required to kick it off of the ground is usually quicker compared to most businesses. It may be a simple business to start but the competition in this field is rife. Here are a few steps that should be followed when starting your own cleaning business. Cleaning Maid Janitorial business

Cleaning Maid Janitorial Business Plan

Cleaning Maid Janitorial Business Plan

Step 1: Start Out With a Business Plan

The cleaning business may seem like an easy business, but it needs a well-written business plan as well. The success of any business, be it of any time depends direly on the structure of its business plan.

Step 2: Pick Your Type of Cleaning Business

There are basically three main types of cleaning business options. They are; Domestic, Commercial and Specialized. You need to decide the one in which you’ll be specializing.

Domestic Cleaning: includes cleaning people’s homes. You can start your job as soon as you find some clients.

Commercial Cleaning: involves cleaning commercial properties such as office building etc. for this you will need a team.

Specialized Cleaning: involves you finding a niche. There are lots and lots of niches to explore from. Pick your own niche and excel at it.

Properly researching the potential market and local demographic plays key roles. They help as a determining factor as to what type of cleaning business you should start.

Step 3: Funding and Buying Equipment

The cleaning business has lower startup costs and needs less funding than traditional businesses. You can probably start one up using your own resources. If not, then there are always loans, investors, and partners. The costs of equipment needed for this business vary greatly. For example, for domestic cleaners, it is more probable that the equipment is provided by the household. On the other hand, if you’re starting up a commercial cleaning company you’ll have to buy lots of equipment like; trolleys, vacuum cleaner, sweeping machine and a van.

Step 4: Create a Marketing Plan

It is very important that you allocate some amount of your budget to marketing as this will prove to be the spine of your business. Building a client base is of utmost importance when starting up a new business. So be sure to market like crazy and get the word out about your cleaning company to as many people as possible. Try as many techniques and ways you can think of according to your budget.

To get your maid / cleaning / Janitorial business started and increase your chances of funding check out this business plan template: Cleaning/Maid Service Business Plan

Cleaning Maid Janitorial Business Plan

Cleaning Maid Janitorial Business Plan

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