The photography business is more than owning a camera and shooting everything you see. Many people do just that, but if you aim at standing out of the crowd, you need to start and act differently. And here is what can help you to set up your own photography business. How to start a photography business.

How to start a photography business

Do you have the passion for catching memorable moments on camera, or you want to move this passion further and earn a living from it? Then, you have to follow these processes. These steps are easy to follow, and in the end, you will have the right mindset and the knowledge to transform passion to business.

Write A Business Plan

Or hire someone to write one for you. The point is, have a plan. You need a roadmap that will guide you on what and what matters. The plan will entail your immediate goal and the larger picture. While you can start off immediately without a plan, we advise against it. Planning helps you narrow the process, without it your business would be heading towards a destination or – a zigzag movement that leads everywhere but nowhere. Your plan should include:

  • Your goal; what you want to achieve in the nearest future
  • Location, a strategic location is just the best thing you can have
  • Your financial standings
  • The necessary tools
  • Activities that implement all the factors above into a productive system

Get The Tools

Here, your business plan will be helpful. As mentioned above, in your plan, you would have analyzed your financial standing, and these will help you make a fast decision in buying the tools you can afford. Generally, some of the tools are:

  • Efficient camera gear
  • A computer, preferably a laptop
  • Lenses of good quality
  • Lightroom

Get The Necessary Skills And Experience

Your skill will get you started, but the experience will greatly enhance your portfolio. Your customers will be impressed when you have one. Also, you can get the experience from other professionals in the field.

Have a Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the area where you need to make sure you pay attention to. You want to be different, remember. Your standing after you have started your business will be determined by the number of people that know, patronize and publicize your business. We advise you should be highly skilled, more than that, let people know what you do. How?

  • Meet people one on one
  • Own a blog and share your passion with the world
  • Use advertising media such as Google AdSense or paid advert if you can afford it


We wish you the best in your photography business. And if you need key advice to keep your business moving, they are:

  • Save and reinvest your earnings in the business
  • Continue learning from experts and through experience
  • And diversify into another stream of photography to earn revenue.

If you are interested in starting a photography event business check out our business plan template here:  Photography Business Plan Template

How to start a photography business



Published by Shawn C