How To Start A Salon

The beauty business will never go away because humans are obsessed with looking good. However, while it might seem glamorous, starting a salon business is not the easiest thing in the world but with the tips that will share in this blog, it will be a lot easier.

salon business plan

Write a salon business plan

No business can work well without a business plan in place because it is the map that will give your business direction when you are starting out. The business plan should include all the details of your business and the different areas that you will be focusing on. A salon business is very dynamic so you need to have a plan in place to deal with changes that might occur in the long run.

The right location

The right location can be the difference between being successful and failing so you need to pick the right spot that has good traffic, high visibility, and is located where your target demographic shops or lives (especially women).

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is extremely important in the salon business so you need to put modalities in place to ensure that customers are treated in the most special way possible. This is a very sensitive industry so people are more likely to patronize your services if they feel like royalty.

Website and social media

Having a website and social media accounts is extremely important so you need to ensure that you have a presence on these platforms to promote your business to new and old customers. A website and social media accounts are your most effective PR channels to reach a large number of people with no cost whatsoever.


In the United States, all beauty workers have to be licensed so it is important to reach out to the local Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing within your vicinity to get details on this and also make sure that your salon premises are neat at all times so as to pass health inspection and the guidelines laid out by your state.

salon business plan

Offer Different Services

While you could cater to a major niche that you focus on, it is always better to offer different services so as to make your salon the one stop shop for anything beauty. So a client can work in and have their hair, nails, and face done all in one place, instead of making a stop at different spots.

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Published by Shawn C