Starting a Mobile App Company

Launching a Mobile App Company business is quite the attraction for new young upcoming entrepreneurs. If you too are thinking about establishing your own mobile app company but are unsure how to start then start out by making a few decisions. Before starting any business it is essential that you write yourself a great business plan. Make sure to include the following major decisions in your mobile app business plan.

Mobile app business plan

Mobile app business plan


  1. Determine Your Platform

The competition in the app business these days is very tough so you have to develop nothing less than the best to make sure it stays in the game. Every platform has different and it’s very own required coding skills. Decide whether your development will be native or cross-platform. It is suggested to start small if it is your first time.

  1. Choose Your Platform Wisely

You have but only three options to sell your apps; Google Play, App Store or Windows Store. It is for you to decide in whose hands you will put the fate of your apps in. Consider the main facts. The revenue generation ratio of App Store to Google Play is 8 to 1. Apple pays more to their top developers who design apps to be sold rather than downloaded free while, on the other hand, Google Play pays less but is available on more mediums. Decide if you want your app to be paid or free (with ads).

  1. Design for Success

The basic things should be given most consideration. The principle is supposed to be really augmented because you’ll be designing for small screens, but this doesn’t mean you can afford mistakes; you should have pixel-perfect graphics. Buttons, fonts, and icons should be in comparison to the screen you are designing for. The designs for your icons should be according to the theme of your app as it is the first thing your customers see. Test your design on all the screen sizes.

  1. Keeping Your Clients

Users always prefer using simple and professional apps. Monetization should be balanced, don’t annoy your users by bombarding them with ads. Don’t be shady when using ads, write about every single one on your app’s description page as users will see them on the permissions needed anyway. Keep tweaking your apps; update often but never without reason. Support maximum number of devices and device screens as possible.

  1. Marketing

The presentation is the key, especially in the app store as screenshots of your app are uploaded. Always write professional sales letter rather than a dry app description. Keep it new, different and unique for every app. Make videos and promote as much as possible and also put it in the app description. Be sure to research about the other top apps on your niche. Integrate analytics into your app, it’ll help you grow and improve. Promote your app through online and social promotions. Have many backlinks to your app.

To get your mobile app company organized and increase your chances of funding try this business plan template. Mobile App Company Business Plan

Mobile app business plan

Mobile app business plan

Published by Shawn C