Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions

We believe so greatly that our business plan templates are the best in the market today we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee. Please read the following for terms and conditions for our money back guarantee:

Refund Guarantee terms and conditions: *Refund applicable only to $47.00 Microsoft Word business plan template only. In order for refund to be issued you must submit a plan of greater length along with references specifically for the industry in which you are requesting the refund for. Refund does not apply to any additional options. In order for refund to be issued: Submitted template must be topic specific and match the topic you are requesting a refund for. Example: If you are purchasing a Food Truck business plan template the submitted template must be food truck as well. Submitted Template must have a lower verifiable price than $47.00 but Can Not be Free. Submitted template must contain more pages of exact matching topic specific content for which you are submitting it. Submitted template must include more current references (2017 or newer) and research then plan you are submitting it for. Submitted template must be purchased and fully owned by you at time or submission and emailed to us in full, no links will be accepted. Offer must be redeemed within 30 days of purchase download. Any questions regarding above said refund should be directed to [email protected].