Q: Why did I not get a confirmation page with download links or confirmation email with download links after inserting my payment information? Will I be charged?

A: Thank You for your interest in our business plan templates. First off please do not panic. For the most part if you did Not see a confirmation page with download links after submitting your payment your card most likely has not been charged. The reason that you did not see a download page with links after payment could mean your payment was not fully processed or denied by the payment processor. Reasons for your card being denied for this vary such as your billing address did not match what the payment processor has on file, the state/country where your card was issued does not match where you are purchasing from, your CVC code did not match, your full name with middle initial was not used, among Many other security factors.

In this case please try again, select a different form or payment or attempt to use a different web browser as sometimes some browsers such as Internet Explorer have extensions that will not work with the sites payment system or you have some type of popup blocker that prevents the payment information from being submitted. Sometimes the payment will also be pending (we have seen this via Paypal payments usually from outside of the United States) for review however this is very rare.

Even if you did Not get a confirmation page with download links and you still think your payment was processed you can email us to attempt to confirm if we have it in our system. Or if you have any questions please be kind (we want to help you so please give us a chance to help you first) and contact us here or email us at [email protected]

Thank You again and we all here at Black Box Business Plans wish you the best of success in your venture.