Starting a Coffee Shop

If you’re like the majority of the population than you to start your day with a hot strong cup of coffee. The number of coffee shops has been growing rapidly as the years pass by. There’s no denying it, coffee is a good business and has been for quite a long time. There are about an estimated of 100 million coffee drinks in the US alone. No wonder this business has been growing so much. If you’re also thinking of mixing up your love for coffee with your business spirit then opening a coffee shop is just the thing for you. Follow the following steps to achieve the coffee shop of your dreams.

Coffee shop business plan

Coffee shop business plan

  1. Write a Kickass Business Plan

The first step to take toward opening your very own coffee shop is to write a solid business plan. This will be a roadmap to your entire business starting from what exactly is your business, how you will be earning money, plans for the growth of your business and how to troubleshoot problems when encountered.

  1. Find the Perfect Building for Your Shop

The location of your coffee shop is of key importance. Look for something that is centrally located, with lots of crowds and high visibility. Tour as many spaces and possible and select the best one out of them.

  1. Creating a Floor Plan

An impressive and effective floor plan is essential for your coffee shop. It should be very carefully planned and should have enough space for the customers to form a line, for the employees to move from freely from the tables to the counters and a comfortable seating area. Hire a professional to design one for you if you can spare the money.

  1. Financing and Funding

Looking for funds to cover the start-up costs can be difficult. The two options that can be considered are either to get a loan from a bank or to find an inventor. Pitch a solid business plan so that they know the chances of your coffee shop’s success are high. Other than the startup costs, be sure to keep in money that a lot of money will be required for to properly establish your business which probably will not be profitable for around half a year. So planning ahead is also very important. Set aside enough money to keep your business afloat for at least six months.

  1. Inventorying

When still on the funding and financing stages, make a list of all the items you’ll need and later compare prices so you can choose the ones which are most economical and light on your budget. Search for prices online for everything you need starting from comfy chairs to espresso machines.

  1. Marketing

It is always advised to start marketing even before you open the doors of your coffee shop. If you start marketing the day you open, you’re already behind. On your grand opening, you want people already prepared and excited to come in. For that to happen, you will need to start marketing several months before you open. Market as much as you can.

  1. Focus on Interior As Well As Exterior

It is obvious that you’ll be stressing over every little detail in the interior of your shop. But don’t neglect the exterior of your shop. The exterior is what will be bringing in new customers as it is the first thing people see. First impressions are always crucial so make them count.

If you are ready or even considering starting a coffee shop check out this business plan template to get yourself organized and increase your chances of funding: Coffee Shop Business Plan Template

Coffee shop business plan

Coffee shop business plan

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