Start a Substance Abuse Center

The business of substance abuse centers is growing rapidly day-by-day. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are a major business taken on by entrepreneurs. Starting a rehab brings two-fold benefit to the entrepreneur; profit gain as well as engaging in a noble cause. When establishing a rehab, profit shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind as one little mistake can consequently affect your clients and their families. This is a very delicate business and you will have to network with legal, medical and also criminal professionals. Here are a few things which you should keep in mind when starting a Substance abuse center.

Substance abuse center rehab center business plan

Substance abuse center rehab center business plan


  1. Know the Industry

As this business is limited, rehabilitation centers get paid by the government and state agencies. More and more high-end niches are emerging such as internet addiction, nicotine addiction along with gambling problems. Some facilities are also diversifying and treating people suffering from eating, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorders. The rehabilitation center industry typically includes clinics that have experienced medical staff that mostly provide outpatient services related to diagnosis along with treatment of alcohol, drugs and other similar substance abuse. The demand of such centers is mainly driven by the availability of various factors like new drugs and treatments, funding policies and insurance programs. The profit of this industry for individuals depends on controlling costs and referrals.

  1. Niche Ideas within the Industry

Since more and more rehab centers keep popping up, there are also those who are providing services different from those offered by their counterparts. Except for those which offer additional services, but other than that the services are mostly the same. Some specializations within the rehab business are alcohol and drug addiction, internet addiction, sex addiction, nicotine addiction, problem gamblers, eating and anxiety disorder and PTSD. It is rare for small scale rehab centers to handle more than one or two services. However large-scale centers can handle more.

  1. Know Your Competition

This business is one which you cannot handle like all the other businesses. The determination is of great importance. The location, equipment, and staff affect greatly the establishment of your business. Large companies do however have the advantage of making cheaper purchases for drugs and treatments as well as more referrals but the smaller rehabilitation centers carry leverage in providing specialist treatment and superior treatment to their patients.

  1. Decide Whether to Start from Scratch or Buy a Franchise

Buying a franchise would definitely play to your advantage as the benefits you receive will speed up the start-up proves. You might even not have to worry about attracting customers; the franchise name will do that for you. This may not be an easy decision as an entrepreneur but it’s definitely one that you should carefully think through as the benefits may outweigh those of starting from scratch. If you too, are like those entrepreneurs who take pride in starting their businesses from scratch then make sure you are thorough with your research as you cannot afford to make any mistakes. However, when starting your rehab business from scratch, you can edit any strategies that might not be working for your business. The entire decision making is up to you.

  1. Have a Kickass Business Plan

Like any other business, starting a rehabilitation center will also require a business plan. Write a business plan that will outline most of what you intend to do in order to launch your business and what you will do after you’ve successfully established it.

Interested in starting a substance abuse rehabilitation center. Check out this business plan template to get you organized and increase your chances of funding: Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Center Business Plan Template

Substance abuse center rehab center business plan

Substance abuse center rehab center business plan

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