Starting a Mystery Room Business

Mystery rooms also known as escape rooms have been popping up all around the world. They are interactive entertainment spaces that are being enjoyed by teens and tweens alike. Players are given a short period of time within a locked room and they have to find clues in order to find their way out. The objective may differ from business to business. If you’ve been noticing the success of such rooms in your community and you are also considering getting into this business then these steps will help you.

Mystery room business plan escape room business plan

Mystery room business plan escape room business plan

Step 1: Mystery Room Business Plan

Starting a mystery room business is in many ways like any other venture. It’ll take time, effort and dedication to get things up and running. So the planning phase is crucial. Writing a smart business plan is always the first stepping stone in starting up a successful business. Start out by researching the other games present in your region.

Step 2: Startup Costs and Financing

Setting a proper budget for your mystery room is also very important. You can either start your own mystery room business from scratch or you could buy a franchise. Both of them have their pros and cons so think carefully before you make a decision as it will comprise a huge part of your budget. Chalk up all the basics of over head like rent, utility bills, hiring employees and their salaries etc. You’ll also have to spend a generous amount on marketing.

Step 3: Keeping Up

After you’ve successfully planned your mystery room, it is essential that you keep with the changing trends. Also, it is wise to plan ahead. The market for such games seems to be on the rise for the past few years so there really isn’t much indication of this trend to be reversed in the near future so you can plan ahead for at least a year without worrying.

Step 4: Operating the Business

Once you’re successfully over the planning phase, you can move over to the actual opening of your mystery room business. Once you’re in it, there is no turning back. Two of the most important things of your first day is survival and building relationships.

Step 5: The Mystery Room

Now that you’re finally done with finances and supplies you can move on to designing your mystery room. Do a little research before you starting building. Make it as immersive as possible. Try giving your room a story mode, if not then at least give it a proper coherent theme.

Step 6: Market Your Newly Established Business

Advertising is the key factor for the success of your business. The marketing process will require your attention on a regular basis. The marketing strategies should be a mix of tradition as well as online options. Social media is always a really good option for getting word about your business out there, along with being effective is also one of the lowest-cost types of advertising there is. Other than that engaging in activities like discount programs and SEO are good options too. Marketing can either make your business or break it.

To get your escape room/mystery room business organized and increase your chances of funding check out this business plan template: Mystery Room/Escape Room Business Plan

Mystery room business plan escape room business plan

Mystery room business plan escape room business plan

Published by Shawn C