Starting a Website Design Development and SEO Business

Do you have mad web designing skills and want to put them to good use? Well, freelance web designing is a great new venture for upcoming entrepreneurs. You’re your own boss and don’t have to work under the strict office hours either. This business can either take your entrepreneur life to the heights of glory or may lead you demise. It all depends on your choices and website business plan. Follow these steps to set up your very own freelance web design business.

Website Design Development and SEO Business Plan

Website Design Development and SEO Business Plan

Step 1: Calculate the Startup Costs

Before starting any business you have to calculate the start-up costs. First of all, you’ll need to make a list of the equipment you’ll need; it might just be a computer and a phone in the beginning. Also, consider the costs that’ll be used to register your domain name and hosting your own website. You’ll also need new software when starting out with a limited budget you can download free trials of popular web design software and then purchase the one you liked best when you get the money.

Step 2: Establishing Your Brand

It is important that you brand yourself. Some freelance web designers use their own names as their brand names while others consider a more formal company name. Both are good options but it’ll come down to whether you want your customers to have a personal feel to it or with time you want your brand to grow into a studio.

Step 3: Creating Your Website

Since you’ll be designing, developing, and selling websites, it is imperative that you have one yourself. It should state the services you offer, your contact info and showcase some of your work in the form of a portfolio. Do some free pro-bono work so you can showcase it on your website. Just by doing 2 or 3 of these you’ll add weight to your portfolio. Also, decide how much you’ll be charging. You’ll at least have to have a framework for establishing your charges.

Step 4: Form a Sales Cycle

In order to get your feet off the ground, you’ll have to promote your services. Formalize a sales cycle starting from finding prospects, cultivating your relationship with them, informing them of your services and fulfilling their expectations. You’ll have to find good prospects. Look for your target audience and work your pitch.

Step 5: Socialize

The great thing about being a web designer is that it has a huge community of professionals who can support you. Follow such people on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. These are great places to network. Keep your target customers in mind. Immerse yourself in such communities where there are high chances of finding your potential customers.

Step 6: Tools You Need

As you continue to grow, you’ll need more tools and pieces. Set up more tools and software according to your needs.

To get your website development and SEO business organized and funded check out this business plan template: Website Design Business Plan

Website Design Development and SEO Business Plan

Website Design Development and SEO Business Plan

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