Bakery Basics: Keys to a Successful Bakery

It is always emphasized to establish a career out of something you love – something you are passionate about. A very common passion among women and men both alike is baking. Is baking your passion too? Do you wish to make a career out of it? If so, then consider opening a bakery. If you are on the path of opening one and are worried that you aren’t even aware of the basics then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve prepared somewhat of an easy guide for you to open a successful bakery. Combine most of these tips with your exemplary baking skills and voila – you’re the top Baker of the market! Bakery Business Plan Template

Black Box Bakery Business Plan Template

Black Box Bakery Business Plan Template

Planning a bakery holds the utmost importance. Let’s begin the planning process.

  1. Decide on What Kind of Bakery You Want to Open

The very first decision you have to make is to select what kind of bakery you’d like to open. When deciding this, you need to keep in mind your talents, budget, and goals. There are 4 main choices when it comes to bakeries.

  • Online Bakery: Running a bakery from your home without having a storefront. Keep everything online using killer websites.
  • Counter Service Bakery: Owning a small commercial space where customers can walk in and pick up your baked delicacies from a counter.
  • Specialty Service: Running a bakery from your home or from a rented space, serving you baked good specialties.
  • Sit-Down Bakery: A rapidly growing trend in the bakery industry are sit-down or dine in. They have an area to order and enjoy them in a small eatery.

Once you’re through with this decision, devise a business plan. Look at your business from every possible angle. Distribute finances among the necessities required for your bakery.

  1. Shop for Space

Figuring out space from where your bakery will be operating is also crucial. If you’re going to be running yours from then your space is already figured out. Otherwise, you’ll need a commercial space. Choose a space that meets your needs the most, be picky, survey around, compare prices, talk with neighboring businesses and roam around the area to find the perfect space for yourself. Always consider the legal necessaries.

  1. Pricing Your Baked Goods

Usually, bakers price their baked goods in relation to the time spent and price of products used to make the goods. Although some bakers say that this system is flawed. They say that the prices should also include things like clean up time, packaging and time spent in promoting your business on social media. According to them, the biggest hidden cost is time.

  1. Don’t Let Discounts Kill Your Business

Before opening your business for service, make sure that you have firm words and you are able to make it clear to all your friends and relatives that this is business and they too will have to pay just like rest of the customers. Because let’s face it, they’ll probably ask you for discounts and what else. They need to understand that this is your career now and how you’ll be earning money. If they truly care for you they will support you by following your policies as well.

  1. Marketing

This goes without saying, marketing plays a vital role in the success of your business. Make sure to adopt efficient marketing strategies. Buy ads on social media, participate in charity events and hand out business cards. Write blogs and join groups. Always be on the lookout to get your name out there.

Black Box Bakery Business Plan Template

Black Box Bakery Business Plan Template

To get your bakery organized and increase your chances of funding use this bakery business plan template: Bakery Business Plan Template

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