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Slinging ink can be a satisfying business—so long as you’re not afraid of a few needles, of course. For those craving, a creative challenge, starting a tattoo shop is an…

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Farming is the lifeblood of the country. From farms to fork the Agriculture industry allows for long-term growth and fulfillment. As an entrepreneur in the Agriculture industry, you have the…

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Business Consulting Companies are always in demand to help other businesses with specific challenges they are facing and need help with. As an entrepreneur in the Business Consulting industry, you…

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The fitness industry has been growing for the past few years with more and more individuals wanting to be healthy and look good. A gym is great for someone who…

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A Tattoo studio is a great venture for someone with a passion for art and that loves interacting with people on a daily basis. A tattoo artist is someone who…

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Vending machines have been a stable around tourist areas, hospitals, hotels, malls, government buildings and more for years. This industry is a mainstay with machines becoming more and more appealing…

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Roses are red, violets are blue, flower shops turn profits, and soon you can, too! Starting a floral business is more than just buds and blossoms—it has the potential to…

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Love cutting hair and talking with others? Then a barbershop might be a great venture for you to start. With a low startup cost compared to a full salon a…

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Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall … who says one can’t be yours? Starting a microbrewery gives you the opportunity to tap into a growing industry. Creativity meets chemistry…

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